Sir John De Graeme Sword Goes On Display


This Summer at the 720th anniversary of the 1298 first battle of Falkirk, the broadsword of Sir John de Graeme will be on public display for the first time in almost 100 years.  Killed at the battle of Falkirk, Sir John was the right hand man of William Wallace.

The sword will be making its way from Auchterarder to Callendar House this week in readiness for the commemoration event on 21st July.

One of four important swords of the period, the de Graeme sword has been under the protection of St Johns Lodge #46 since the end of the eighteenth century.  It was presented to them by the then Master of the Lodge, Graham of Orchill, a direct descendent of Sir John de Graeme.  Alongside the sword will be the bible of Graham of Orchil from the 1700s.

For the more than two centuries since then, St Johns Lodge #46 have protected the sword.  Keeping safe an important part of Scotland’s history for future generations.

This week, the sword will be very carefully transported to Callendar House to take part in the commemorative event for the 720th anniversary of the battle of Falkirk.  The event includes the laying of wreaths at the grave of Sir John Stewart of Bonkyll, Sir John De Graeme and on the Bute Cross before marching through Falkirk town to the Battle of Falkirk 1298 Memorial cairn in Callendar Park.

After the event the broadsword will return to Auchterarder where it will be again under the protection of St Johns Lodge #46, as it has been for centuries before.


  1. The Society of John De Graeme is deeply Greatful to the lodge having something like this on display is truly special
    And shows the nature of the time
    The one word on every ones lips is how in good a condition the sword
    The lodge truly are the guardians of the sword we are blessed to have their trust
    And we look forward to future engagements with them …

  2. Saw it today. So you think it was more ceremonial than used as it surely would have been difficult to Weil’s something of that magnitude in a battle and could have been more of a hindrance than help? Also do you know the actual length of it? Thanks

    • Hi Claire the sword could well have been ceremonial but the notches on the blade suggest otherwise
      As for wielding it ..properly trained it is rather easy to use ..


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