Simple Shortbread Recipe


Simple Shortbread Recipe


This simple shortbread recipe is ideal for making at the festive season.  With only 3 ingredients it is a great quick bake.


8oz Plain Flour

4oz Butter

2oz Sugar

It is best to make sure the ingredients are kept cool in this recipe so you want to have everything ready before you take the butter out of the fridge.

Work the sugar into the butter on a board with your hands until they are well combined.  Add the flour and knead together until you have an even consistency.

Press the mixture into a round sandwich tin and using a fork, prick through the mixture to the base, all over.  Use the prongs of the fork to decorate the edge.  If preferred use a baking tray to give fingers

Place in a very slow oven until a pale golden brown.

Remove from oven and score into 8 pieces if using sandwich tin or fingers if using a baking tray, dust with caster sugar whilst still hot.  Once cooled, remove from tin and serve.

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