Should Babies Be Taken Everywhere?


The Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow has taken a public stand regarding young babies attending theatrical performances and opened the doors for a lively debate.

The section which seems to be causing the most attention is as follows –


“Babies crying must be removed from the auditorium as quickly as possible. This is to avoid disruption to other customers.

Changing of nappies must be carried out, out with the auditorium.  This perhaps sounds bizarre but this has happened numerous times and can be disgusting to those surrounding this area.

Babies being fed and winded; please ensure that when winding your child every effort is made to avoid your baby being sick. We have had numerous complaints and had material claims from customers who have had their evening/performance spoiled and clothes damaged due to babies being sick over them. If for any reason your baby is sick please inform a member of staff who will arrange for the on duty cleaner to clean this up.

Please consider the customers behind you when handling your baby; it is important that you do not block the view of the child or patron behind you, thus spoiling the show for them.

Please also consider the customers in front of you at all times.”


It seems that nowhere is now considered a child free zone.  Couples looking for some me time on a date night used to be reasonably certain that an upmarket restaurant or the theatre would be child free.  Now it seems that nappy changing and baby sick can be part of your date night even when you have left your own child at home.

Where do you stand on the big baby debate are you someone who wants your baby to participate in everything you do or are you someone who enjoys some me time?  Or, are you someone who has no small children to deal with at present and the last thing you want is them in your adult world?


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