Shameful Behaviour of Companies After Adverse Weather


Thankfully the Beast From the East and Storm Emma seem to have moved on.  Their effects however, are still being felt in many rural areas as supplies have to be brought in and roads are still impassable due to drifting snow.

This information does not seem to have reached corporate offices throughout the country as employees start receiving notices of disciplinary proceedings related to events during the adverse weather.

It seems that no matter how great the risk to employees, some employers expect business as usual even if it means going against safety advice issued by both the police and the government.

In many instances the people instigating the disciplinary procedures have little or no idea of the local conditions endured by employees.  With phone signals patchy, roads closed and communities cut off it seems ridiculous that someone in an office hundreds of miles away can decide an employee did not do enough.  Especially when what was expected was travelling in dangerous conditions.

When companies can threaten disciplinary procedures because an employee did not manage to work from home or get into their place of work then something needs to be done to protect these employees.

At present in many cases, the only help an employee can obtain at a disciplinary proceeding is from either a current employee or a union representative.  Hopefully any trade union asked for help even from new members will be able to offer assistance at this time. Otherwise there will be a lot of people sitting in meetings with professional HR representatives ensuring the company gets the result it wants and nobody to help them.

So many people went above and beyond during the recent adverse weather conditions, it is shameful for companies to now be using this as a reason for disciplinary action.


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