Scammers Target Using Text Messages Supposedly From Bank


Smishing is attempted fraud through text messages – I was targeted today, details below, please read and be careful if you have received any texts like this.

Not long before I was due to leave for Innerpeffray on Sunday I received a text from my bank to advise me of a passcode which I had seemingly requested. I immediately called the bank fraud team having found their details online on my laptop, not my phone.  They had not sent the texts, there was no passcode and no record of me asking for one.

Today just after midnight I received a text saying –

“We need to verify some recent transactions of your debit card, which is now blocked.  We will send you a message from 07480 357027 with the transaction details for you to check”

The text on Sunday and the text at just after midnight were from the same ID on my phone that my genuine banking information is received.  How the scammers managed this I do not know.

At the same time I received a text from that number stating –

107.94 GBP LH TRADING 11-0402017 00:15:43

399.95 GBP UK TOYS LIMITED 09-04-2017 14:37:50

66.63 GBP Tesco 07-04-2017 19:08:27

Reply Y if you made these transactions.  If you do not recognise one or more please reply N

If I had been the least bit unsure or maybe half asleep as it was just after midnight, I would have hit N and gone onto my bank to check my balance.

If I had replied, chances are I would have received a request for information which would have given them access to my account.

This happened today so please be careful of any texts supposedly from your bank.

edit – ……..

This is where I eat humble pie and congratulate RBS on their fraud detection.  It seems the texts I received were genuine.  There had been suspicious activity on my account and they were looking to confirm if the payment requests were genuine.

My suspicions about the texts were unfounded and the bank had actually been trying to get in touch using automated methods.

Having called the fraud team I was able to go through the suspicious activities and confirm I had no idea what they were.

My card has of course been stopped now and another is on the way.  I am to receive an email to confirm what has happened, for this I have given them a different email account from the normal one as possibly that account is compromised.

Again, thanks to the RBS for their diligence, had they not been so good my bank would be many hundreds of pounds poorer right now.


  1. This comment was sent to me personally with permission to publish –

    ‘re Lang toon times article you can cut and paste this
    I get regular texts from Barclays saying there isn’t enough funds and could I put money in by a set time. To avoid being charged It’s usually small denominations as are the charges. I’ve called Barclays whom passed me from pillar to post and were of no help at all.
    It’s a scam I have a credit card with them but no bank accounts


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