Scam Emails Supposedly From Amazon


This morning when I woke up and checked my phone as you do, it seemed I had sent an Amazon gift voucher to one Syah Habib for $50.  This gave me quite a shock and I immediately set out to check my account.  Then I stopped.

On my phone it is not easy to see the true email address of mail received.  The only option given on the email was a big button saying “manage order”.

Presumably this is so you use this option to supposedly go to cancel the order and you would be asked for details which would give the scammers access to your account and other details.

I came downstairs and opened up the emails on my laptop.  Sure enough the email did not come from Amazon and the “Manage Order” button did not link to Amazon but to some site that I was not willing to go to.

So beware if it seems you have mistakenly sent a Gift Voucher from your amazon account and don’t use any links on the email that looks as if it comes from Amazon.


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