Saving Money On Grocery Shopping


Shopping local is all very well but sometimes you need to get a lot of food for not a lot of money.  As a trip to Perth was necessary today it was combined with some food shopping to save on petrol costs.

Not one to enjoy shopping the intention was to go to one shop and get as much as possible for my limited funds.  Having received a Farmfoods leaflet that contained a promo code, through the door, I thought I would try there and see how I got on. If I had been sensible and taken the leaflet with me I would have been able to use one of their discount coupons and saved a further £5.

Although mainly a frozen food store, Farmfoods also stocks a wide range of other products including basic toiletries, pet food, bread and chilled goods.  One visit can cover a whole lot of necessities at a reasonable price.

As you can see from the picture, I managed to buy a wide range of food which although probably not the healthiest, if used sparingly will ensure there are plenty of meal options for quite some time.  The total came to a few pennies under £50, had I remembered my voucher I would have bought something else to take me over £50 which would have given me £5 off the cost of my shopping.

I do try to keep a store of home cooked meals in the freezer for those days when there is neither time nor inclination to prepare something from scratch however, having a back up is always good.  This shop means I have the makings of some quick and easy meals along with the ability to bulk out other meals which would otherwise seem slim pickings.  I already have plenty frozen veg in the freezer which is why you don’t see any in the picture.

Unfortunately, the ability to obtain low cost grocery shopping is dependent on being able to go to larger towns with the travel costs possibly negating any savings made.  Supermarkets who deliver can be another option depending on the delivery cost.  For now, I will continue to shop local where possible and supplement it when travel to Perth is needed for another purpose.


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