Rural Areas Need To Look At Protecting Themselves From Crime


As crime starts moving from the cctv covered city streets to more rural areas, what chance do local communities have to protect themselves?

Local Authorities are very often based in large towns or cities and these areas are normally protected by cctv coverage.  For rural communities with a smaller police presence and easy access to main road arteries there is little protection.

As criminals realise that they have much less chance of success in large towns and cities because of the very real possibility of being caught on surveillance cameras, they are moving to the less protected rural areas. 

What can local towns and villages do to try and prevent crime in their community?  If a local authority can barely provide basic services, they are not going to be looking to spend on cctv in more rural areas.  Without local community groups to gather support for funding to help protect the local area, there is very little available to communities.

As police plea for any information regarding the theft of metal gates in the local area, concerns need to be addressed.  If those responsible are not found, there may well be more to follow.

Should the local authority be approached and begged for funding, should a local Community Council or business group take up the baton to try and protect their local area?  Should something as important as protecting the community be the responsibility of volunteers?

As criminals extend their reach from their traditional hunting ground it’s time to ensure that local communities have the protection they deserve.  


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