River Tay Boat Trip from Fergusson Pontoon to Kinnoull Hill


Tonight, was the first of the Fergusson Pontoon to Kinnoull Hill trips on the River Tay and Lang Toon Times was lucky enough to have booked a seat for the journey.

In Partnership with Perth and Kinross Council and the Tay and Earn Trust, these boating trips are provided by Taymara (Tay Maritime Action).  A voluntary sector organisation which exists to serve the local communities of Tayside (ie the geographic areas of Fife, Dundee, Angus and Perth and Kinross) with their vessels and qualified crews providing safe access to the exciting River Tay marine environment to provide knowledge, qualifications, skills and memorable maritime experiences for all, but especially for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

The boat for tonights journey was the Badger which was ably crewed by Skipper David Kett and 2nd Skipper Andrew Jeffrey.

The Tay itself is a demanding river to pilot and the crew are only able to offer these trips in a 3 hour window spanning 1.5 hours each side of high tide.   This allows for morning and evening trips depending on what you prefer to see when you are out on the river, morning trips being better for wildlife.

It really is a fantastic experience and one I would encourage everyone to try at least once.

Download the Boating-on-the-river booklet here.


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