Public Urged To Be Vigilant Following Scams In Perth

Police in Perth are advising businesses and individuals to be alert to
fraud scams following two recent incidents.

In January, a businesses was defrauded of just over £1000 after receiving an invoice from an email address that was similar to a genuine business they had dealt with previously.

In February, another business was defrauded of over £31,000 after
receiving a phone call from an individual who claimed they were calling from the Bank of Scotland Fraud Squad and they needed to secure the
account immediately due to an allegedly fraudulent pending payment.

There have also been incidences recently where individuals have been
defrauded by scammers calling to say they are from banks, broadband
providers etc. Convincing people that they are in trouble legally and they should immediately make payment.

PC John Morrison, from the Preventions and Interventions Team said:
“Fraudsters can be very convincing and we are urging people to be aware of these types of scams. 

“If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be
from your bank then always take the time to assess whether this is a
genuine call or not. Ideally, you should call your bank back from a
different telephone.

“Additionally, when receiving an email asking for money, check that the
email address is accurate. Often, scammers will closely copy a genuine
email address to make it appear as though their email is from a
legitimate organisation.

“Do not feel pressured into providing information or making payments
when receiving unsolicited emails or phone calls. If you have doubts
about who you are speaking to, hang up and either call on a different
phone number or visit the local branch.

“Our enquiries into these incidents are ongoing and we are advising
anyone who may have been a victim of such scams to contact us. You can also find more information about how to spot the signs of a scam on the Action Fraud website.”


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