Provost Walk Upgrade Delayed By Vandalism


Phase 2 of the Provost Walk upgrade has been delayed thanks to repeated vandalism.

In the past four weeks the works have been delayed on a number of occasions due to vandals removing guides and levels at the works.  This has resulted in engineering/surveying staff having to be called out with their equipment and repeating their work to establish the necessary levels again.

Kerb stones have also been removed before the concrete they have been laid in has set.  This has resulted in the concrete needing to be redone and the stones placed again.

With the weather already causing restrictions it is very frustrating for the contractors to have to redo works already completed.

The Provost Walk is well used by the local community and this 2nd phase of the upgrade will enable access for many more people to enjoy the walk.  It is sad to hear that delays have been caused by people actively destroying the ongoing improvements.

So many proposals for facilities are delayed or not even started because of the threat of vandalism.  To have this as a problem in the town just means that any other proposals for facility improvements will have to fight so much harder to get the go ahead.


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