Protect Your Fuel Tanks Against Theft


Police Scotland are, once again, urging rural residents and businesses to take steps to prevent fuel theft.

As with any other type of theft, criminals will always pick on an easy target if it is available but there are various options available to prevent fuel theft. 

  • Lock your fuel tank with a good strong steel closed shackle padlock.
  • Tank valves should be secured by removing hand wheels or using padlocks or lockable covers.
  • If an electrically controlled pump is fitted to a tank, make sure the control switch is located in a locked building or in the house and that the electricity is turned off when the tank is not in use.
  • Keep track of fuel purchases. Dip your tanks daily and monitor your fuel usage so that you know if there is an unexplained loss of fuel. Install a flow meter to supervise fuel use.
  • Consider building a security cage around any tanks. For tanks located close to an electricity supply there are additional options such as better lighting, motion sensors and alarms to act as further deterrents.
  • Security lights, if properly installed, can provide excellent low cost security for fuel tanks. Lights can be linked to a sensor illuminating only with the presence of physical movement in the area.
  • Where your tanks contain a large amount of fuel consider installing a CCTV system that operates equally well both during the day and at night.

Further information on rural security can be found on the Police Scotland website:-

Rural residents are encouraged to report any suspicious tanker lorries, pick-up trucks or vans in the area, to police on 101 or freephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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