Primary 6 Pupils Making A Difference


As the grand opening of Phase 3 of the works to the Provost Walk grows ever closer there are still many working to make it the best it can be.

This week there were two Primary 6 classes from The Community School of Auchterarder who arranged to help in this very worthy cause.  Almost 60 children took part in the various ways to help ensure the future of the Provost Walk. 

There was wild flower planting along the pathway with approx. 100 plants of various species planted to provide for the local wildlife.  Insect hotels were built to offer a place of refuge for any insects in the area who are exhausted and need a break.  The pupils also did a litter pick to clean up any rubbish they found, helping keep the area safe for its natural inhabitants.

In these times of climate crisis, it is vitally important that our younger generations are given the knowledge and skills to help look after their environment.  This day out and about in their local area has helped show these pupils how their efforts can make a difference to their environment and their community.

To commemorate their efforts a birch tree was planted with a plaque installed so they could be reminded every time they walked along the path of their fantastic work.

Congratulations are due to the pupils, teachers and helpers who arranged this fantastic effort.  It will surely be a lasting memory for everyone who uses the path in years to come.


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