Politicians Should Stop Ignoring The People


As millions of uk residents come back home from work tonight they will be bombarded with the news that the Brexit vote has been postponed.

UK Politicians of both sides of the argument will be posturing with calls for the PM to resign, calls for a people’s vote and calls for a vote of no confidence.

European politicians will be posturing to show their own residents that they are being tough with the UK and will not give concessions. 

Politicians in the USA are posturing on whether their President has been guilty of fraudulent behaviour.

All the while this posturing is going on, ordinary people are suffering more and more as their day to day challenges are ignored.

In the UK alone there are thousands of workers who have had their pension entitlement reduced as companies go into administration and are then quickly bought up without the pension obligations.

Food banks usage has increased by 13% in a year according to the latest Trussell Trust figures, with the five week delay in Universal Credits being blamed for much of this.

Let’s just reiterate that, someone who has to apply for benefits now has to wait five weeks for the initial payment to come through.  Those five weeks could easily cause untold hardship for those most in need.

Doctors are being bribed to reduce referrals to hospitals with the promise of up to 50% of savings made by the NHS Trust to be given back to the GP.  Basically, incentivising removal of healthcare. 

All this is going on whilst our politicians vie for media coverage and beat their chest as they promote their own self importance.  Shouting from the rooftop to show the people didn’t make the correct decision and they know what is best for the population. 

That maybe so but maybe it’s time they remembered that the population that voted them in is getting pretty hacked off at being ignored on a daily basis. 


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