Politicians Need To Stop Playing Games And Start Representing


I am heartily sick of the tit for tat childish behaviour of our politicians.  Why is it that the cannot just help their constituents?  Why do they seem to prefer to insult the opposition rather than get their job done?  Their job is to represent their constituents, not insult other politicians.

As a hyper local news supplier I end up on the receiving end of a lot of press releases from local MPs, MSPs and the local council.  The majority of these press releases extoll the achievements of one party whilst insulting the others.  Very often I cannot even publish them because most of the information is insulting the other parties.

Why can’t we just hear what has happened, what our local representatives have done for the people they represent?  Most people don’t care about party politics what they care about is what is happening to the lives they lead.  Whether care homes are closing or roads are getting fixed, if their waste collection is being moved from weekly to every two weeks.  These are the sort of things that affect the daily lives of constituents.  How about stopping zero hour contracts so people have a decent income?

The things that matter most to people are the things that seem to be talked about but nothing gets done.  Consultations are carried out but no results are published, wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money for each consultation.

In London crime rates are soaring with gangs of moped riders able to ride about the city at will. Stealing more bikes and committing robbery and burglary, using machetes and angle grinders to help their crimes.  More people have been killed in London this year than in New York yet the politicians say the drop in police numbers has nothing to do with this.  Do they think we are stupid?

The NHS is struggling, it desperately needs more staff and resources to remain viable.  What it doesn’t need is an argument about who to blame and more consultations.  Stop paying for people to manage the stress levels of staff and pay for a few more nurses or doctors, that will reduce stress levels much quicker.

Our politicians are supposed to be our representatives, they are supposed to do their best for their constituents.  I for one am heartily sick of the childish attempts at point scoring going on between the parties which leaves little time or energy for doing their real job.


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