Plastic Waste No Longer To Be Recycled In Some Areas


Reports are coming in from all over the UK about the problems with recycling plastic.  So much so that some local councils are preparing to stop collections and burn waste plastic.

Just this week the BBC reported on the plastics recycling industry facing investigation after information had come to light regarding fraudulent practices.  Practices including no recycling and waste being left to contaminate the countryside, rivers and seas.

It seems that the recycling dream has turned into more of a nightmare.

As a population we have known for some time that our reliance on plastic was becoming unsustainable.  We have recently been left in no doubt that the plastic we have been using is poisoning our oceans and the wildlife in them.

Now it seems the plastic we continue to use is having to be stockpiled as exporting it to be processed becomes less and less possible.  We live on an island, if this plastic cannot be recycled or removed for recycling, the stockpiles will take over huge areas of our land which is a finite resource.

There is a very easy way to make a huge impact on this problem.  That is for us to make a conscious decision to cut our purchase of new plastic as much as possible.

We all have plastic in our homes, we probably could do without buying new plastic for quite some time.  Maybe it’s time we made a bit of a bigger effort to reduce our plastic use, rather than increase our recycling efforts?

Reuse the plastic bottles we have at home for water or juice.  Put those bags for life that we keep buying at the shop in the car or a jacket pocket so we don’t have to buy another one.  Get a reusable cup for hot drinks and stop using those disposable ones which are so difficult to recycle.

This week Lang Toon Times is going to make a conscious effort to not buy anything that is in plastic or non recyclable materials.  It may not be as easy as going to the supermarket and throwing stuff in a basket but it surely cannot be that difficult.   Watch this space to see how I get on.



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