PKC Propose Closing Care Homes To Save Less Than 6% Of Light Show Cost


One of the latest news reports on the Invest in Perth website is about at £12m deal to “Light Up Perth”.

Perth and Kinross Council have arranged a deal to light up landmark buildings with spotlights and projections.  The design and installation of these lights will be carried out over the next 5 years. The cost of £12m will be met with £5m already ring fenced by Perth and Kinross Council and other funding projected to come from local businesses and other funding sources.

The report also states that initially many locals were not happy at the cost of the proposals but PKC believe the recent lighting installation at Norrie Miller Walk has swayed public opinion.

This publication is extremely perturbed to read that £5m is available and ring fenced for pretty lights on buildings.  Especially when to make £696k in savings PKC are prepared to close two care homes.

Since when is lighting up buildings a better use of council funds than looking after elderly residents who need care?

PKC state that one of their key ambitions is to “develop the city’s cultural offering and its night time economy in particular.”  That’s all well and good but who wants to live in a city that promotes culture and nightlife at the expense of its caring obligations?

Less than 6% of the proposed costs for this lighting project would be the equivalent of the savings PKC say they need to make by possibly closing Beechgrove and Parkdale care homes.

Surely their priorities are wrong in this case?


  1. Parkdale will not close. It will be sold to a private company with shareholders who require a dividend. Corners will be cut, staff will have their terms and conditions eroded. Standards will slip. Just part of the ongoing privatisation programme which will see all council services hived off to the private sector.


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