PKC Need To Start Supporting Communities


The special meeting of Perth and Kinross Council tomorrow will continue the process of putting forward the plans for the next 10 years for the local area.

It’s high time Perth and Kinross Council started treating the outlying towns and villages as more than dormitories and retirement homes.

The previous Local Development Plan allowed for over a thousand homes to be built in the Strathallan area.  The only infrastructure it put in place was enlarging the local school and proposals for a football pitch down Castleton Road.

We have the school but over 10 years later we are still waiting on the football pitch.

As Local Government has to cut its cloth to suit the reduced income from Central Government, more and more is being asked of local communities.  Unfortunately, these communities are being eroded as more homes are being built with no infrastructure to help build the community.

Auchterarder, Blackford, Dunning and Aberuthven have all had new homes built in recent years.  Developers who are building these homes have to contribute to a fund for the communities.  With no community groups able to take on projects this money is sitting doing nothing.

When people move to our area, they love the surroundings, the great schools and community feel.  Unfortunately, the lack of local facilities means that anyone new to the area, most often goes to Perth or Stirling for their leisure activities.

In the last 10 years so many new homes have been built, but our local town and village centres have not seen an increase in facilities.  Where can mothers with young children go to spend some time together and get to know each other?  What about our retired population, where can they go to have a cup of tea and a chat in a relaxed atmosphere?

As the calls go out for more volunteers to help maintain communities, it’s time Perth and Kinross Council gave the communities the infrastructure to help support each other.


  1. Auchterarder community football club had willing volunteers and have tried our best to develop football in the town. We have faced the incompetence of the council work being done at the top park which has rendered the pitch unplayable for 2 years – no loss to the council though as they simply charge £30 per match to hire the Astro turf pitch from Live Active making them more money whilst costing the parents of our children more! They have refused us an area of ground to site a storage container to store our equipment meaning we have had to supply every coach with their own equipment rather than being able to share resources. One of the main things we required storage for was our own 7 aside goals as they also refuse to open the facility on a Sunday for match days or provide us with a key to unlock the goals that are already there! There are barriers everywhere but it’s not the lack of volunteers that’s the issue!!

    Football aside, as a local resident I feel they just want to keep all the money for Perth city centre! Why waste it on buying money pit buildings and fancy Christmas events to try to boost a failing city centre when they have lovely little towns all over Perthshire who would thrive more with some investment and still tick the tourism box. Priorities are all wrong.


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