Phone Scam Warning


Police Scotland is investigating an incident of a telephone scam, whereby a 70-year-old Blairgowrie woman was de-frauded of tens of thousands of pounds this week.

The criminals contacted the victim by phone and stated that they were from a reputable television media provider and convinced her to disclose her bank details. They then used this information to transfer a significant amount of money from her account.

Inspector Gordon Thomson said,

“Fraudsters are extremely convincing in their approach, taking steps to engage with the victim and win their trust.

“We urge people to be aware of calls and contact of this nature, and in particular to ensure their elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours are also aware of this type of scam and to be on their guard. This is not the only incident of this type to be reported to police in recent weeks.

“Always be alert if you are contacted on the telephone by anyone claiming to be from your bank, or indeed any other company such as an electricity supplier, or other well-known organisation or business, in particular be suspicious and don’t disclose any information if the call involves transferring money, or if anyone asks you to provide or confirm your bank details.

“I cannot emphasise enough, if you have the slightest doubt, attend your bank in person. Do not provide your details over the telephone or the computer.

Further advice on online/telephone frauds and prevention can be found on Police Scotland website or by contacting your local authority Trading Standards department.


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