Perthshire Pooch Joins World Book Day


Who knew that World Book Day could include dogs?

After a slow morning whilst LTT was doing who knows what on her computer she announced that as it was World Book Day we should at least attempt to acknowledge it by doing some reading.  This was fine by me as when she is reading I get to snooze in my cosy bed.  Not this time it seems.

“Doogie, come on, out of your bed, time for you to join in with everyone else and do some reading too, I have just the thing”

Not that I claim to be an awfully clever pooch but surely she knew us dogs don’t read?

I slowly clambered out of my cosy bed and ambled towards her. If nothing else, these ideas she had normally resulted in treats so who am I to argue?  Settling down on the floor beside her with my best excited face, I waited to see what was next.

Producing a small soft cover book she waved it in front of me.  “Look Doogie, a story all about a dog called Woofy and I even know who wrote it.  Louise is a lovely lady and she does some really good children’s books.  You my fluffy pooch shall be seen to be reading one of these books for World Book Day.

As you can see, I duly studied said book, which if I say so myself looked very interesting and the dog looked almost as good as me on the cover.

Seemingly I will be meeting Louise soon, I am sure she will be pleased to see I enjoyed her book, maybe so pleased she might even have doggie treats


First seen in the most recent print edition of Lang Toon Times, Perthshire Pooch has his own website, Facebook Page and Twitter account with illustrations by Louise E Robertson of talesilove.  He will be touring Perthshire and writing about his adventures for all to see.


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