Perthshire Pooch Begins A Journey


It was obvious something big was happening today as LTT was up and out of bed after only two noises.  Most of the time she stops and starts that noise for ages.

As she headed downstairs she was muttering under her breath about tickets, munchies and other such things.  I followed at a much more sedate pace and went looking for my breakfast. No sooner had I got my nose in my bowl and she was off muttering again, this time telling me not to dawdle.

Before I had even finished licking my lips the back door was opened and she was shooing me out whilst telling me to hurry up.  I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more certain to bring about performance anxiety than being told to hurry.

Eventually having had to go round the corner to hide from her impatient tutting, I trotted back towards the house only to be unceremoniously bundled into the car with my paws still trotting in midair.

“Come on Doogie, we don’t have time for you and your sauntering today” she said.  Me saunter?  I’ll have you know my little legs were not sauntering, they were definitely power walking at the very least.

There was then some driving and some flying, well at least I was flying as my paws certainly didn’t touch the ground as we changed cars.  In fact I feel more like a stuffed toy than ever today as I have been passed from pillar to post for most of the morning.  No treats, no walks, no toys, this is not what normally happens to me.

I was not happy and decided to show I was not happy by doing nothing.  I let myself get carried from pillar to post and flopped flat in between.  Now however I realise that I am travelling, on a train, we have been here for hours and I only managed a quick look out the window when we were leaving.  Since then I have been under the table.

LTT must be feeling very guilty about me being here as she has been feeding me treats regularly without me even asking.  Even when I put my paw on her foot I get a treat without being told to stop mooching.  The lack of grass is beginning to be a problem, I think I need to go sit still for a while.

We better get where we are going soon or this pooch is not going to be responsible for his actions


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