Perthshire Fruit Lives Up To Its Reputation and Memories


When did you stop eating strawberries and raspberries?  For me it was when I had forgotten about seasonal produce and bought strawberries from the supermarket expecting them to taste the same as they did when I picked them as a child at the local farm in Dunning.

How many of us have got used to the bland, generic and frankly quite bitter taste of the readily available fruit from large chains?   We seem to have forgotten the joy of those first locally grown strawberries when so many of us helped picked them and usually ended up with a sore stomach the first couple of days.

I revisited Leadketty Farm today and took the plunge, buying a punnet each of strawberries and raspberries.  Would they be as good as I remembered?  Or would I have to resign myself to the fact that my memories were through rose coloured glasses?

I brought them home and took the picture that I used for this post, I didn’t not sneak any whilst driving as I wanted to take a picture of the punnets as purchased.  These two punnets cost a total of £3.60.

As soon as the picture was taken I of course had to check if they were as good as I remember.  Starting with the raspberries I chose my first test subject, as I put it in my mouth I was just waiting for disappointment.  How wrong I was, immediately memories came flooding back of kids in the raspberry fields, battery powered radios blasting out the latest tunes and scratched arms.  This is what a real raspberry should taste like.

Strawberries next and by now I was feeling more positive about the experience, would the strawberries taste as I remembered them?  Again, memories came back, crawling on straw between plants, checking whether the fruit was suitable for table or jam.

As a responsible adult, I know that eating two punnets of fruit when fruit is not normally a part of your diet will cause problems.  This fruit is so good I may just have to have a day off tomorrow, if nothing else I will definitely have to wipe juice off the keyboard.


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