Perthshire Carers Pay Rise Insult


Over the last 2 years, there have been specific sectors of workers who have gone above and beyond, time and time again.  One of these sectors is of course our carers.  Those who look after our elderly community members when they can no longer be looked after at home. 

These people worked through the worst of the pandemic sometimes with very little protective clothing and often isolating from friends and family.  They helped keep those in their care as safe and secure as possible in some very difficult conditions.

This sector has historically been at the lower end of the pay scale, although it was expected by most of us that after this last couple of years, that would change.  It was expected that our care home staff members would be appreciated in the best way possible, by a pay increase.

Not once but twice in the last week have I been shown the official documentation advising some Perthshire care home staff of a wage rise.

This information has come from two separate care homes in Perthshire and has been shared by two people completely unrelated to each other.

In both these cases, the hourly rate was to be increased from £10 per hour to £10.02 per hour.

Whilst dividends of hundreds of thousands of pounds are paid to directors of care home companies,   their staff looking after some of the most vulnerable in our community are treated abysmally.  This pay offer does not even equate to a one percent pay rise, not even half a percent. 

Needless to say, we expect the people who showed this to me, and their colleagues to be looking for alternative employment in the very near future.  Who could blame them after such a slap in the face.

This however begs the question, when they go, who will be there to replace them?


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