Perthshire Businesswoman’s Network Enters 20th Year


As Perthshire Businesswoman’s Network enters its 20th year they have much to celebrate in their past and much to look forward to in their future.

Chair Jane Rennie of Consulting M3 welcomed members to the AGM at the Grampian Hotel in Perth and talked of going forward, building on the foundations of those who have gone before.  With events throughout the year including networking coffee meets and digital security workshops there is something to appeal to all businesswomen in the area.  As the group continues to grow and thrive, invitations were issued to members to get involved in various aspects including event planning and online presence.

With membership including both the Perthshire Businesswoman’s Network and the Association of Scottish Businesswomen there has never been a better time to join.  Wendy Maltman, President of the ASB talked of upcoming events and awards reminding members that they were eligible for all activities through their membership of PBN.

After the business of the AGM was concluded members welcomed their speaker for the evening Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP.

Tasmina joined the group for dinner and an excellent meal was provided by the Grampian Hotel.  Members chatted and got to know each other better over dinner and coffee.

After dinner Tasmina addressed the room, giving thanks for the invitation to be a part of the 20th year of the Perthshire Businesswoman’s Network.  As a businesswoman, herself before entering Parliament she can relate personally to many of the challenges facing women in business today.

As National Women’s and Equalities officer for the SNP Tasmina sees first-hand the benefits peer support and networks can make to those involved and urged members to take advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Although there are more women in power today this does not automatically mean that more women get a better deal in life which is something Tasmina finds deeply depressing and is working hard to address.

The passion Tasmina has for her work is obvious as she speaks about the day to day business of Parliament with both its trials and triumphs.  It was most illuminating to hear of the day to day workings of Parliament and how the reality compares to what is seen by the public.

After answering member’s questions photographs were taken and the evening drawn to a close.

If you are a woman in business in the Perthshire area, why not join the Perthshire Businesswoman’s Network?


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