Perth Theatre Costumes Go To New Homes


Today was a very exciting day for many people as today was the day that Perth Theatre costumes went on sale.  People came from all over for the chance to snap up a bargain for a variety of purposes.  From Newtonmore to Glasgow, they all came to Perth today to see what they could find.

There were re-enactors, Am-Dram groups, quilters and some lucky guys managed to pick up full suits, including morning suits with shoes for approximately a tenth of the normal price. Even if you weren’t looking for a costume there were a variety of outfits suitable for any occasion from school to church to cocktail hour.

This was such a unique opportunity and certainly the stock of costumes in the storage unit reduced rapidly.  People with arms laden laughing as they found more and more items to add to their haul. These costumes are now ready for a new lease of life and those who bought them certainly seem willing to do that.


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