Parking in Auchterarder


Today in Auchterarder there was a parking survey being carried out by Perth and Kinross Council.  I know this because I asked the person taking details of my car which was parked on double yellow lines.

Parking has been an issue in Auchterarder for many years now.  The Auchterarder Development Framework of 2008 stated in the Parking Assessment (section 2.15) that 76 additional parking spaces would be required by 2015.

With hundreds of new homes being completed since then and still no additional parking, the town centre is becoming less and less popular for people to visit.  This will obviously have a knock on effect on High Street businesses.

With a Business Improvement District proposal underway at the moment to try and increase footfall to local businesses, parking is even more important.  It would seem counter intuitive to bring more visitors to the town if they cannot get parked.

Auchterarder and District Community Council carried out a comprehensive review of parking in the town as far back as 2011.  All to no avail it seems.

With an application now in for a further 116 homes to be built surely it is time that the centre of the town was made fit for purpose?

Please take a moment to fill in the Lang Toon Times parking survey.  The results of which will be forwarded to local councillors, MSP and MP for the area as well as Perth and Kinross Council.  The more who are involved and make their voice heard, the greater the chance of some action being taken.



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