Parkdale Closure Part Of Consultation To Reduce Costs


The closure of Parkdale Care Home in Auchterarder is part of a consultation by Perth and Kinross Council and the Health and Social Care Partnership, regarding the future of the Council’s residential care homes.

Demand for residential care is reducing as more people access their support in different ways to enable them to stay at home for longer.  This taken alongside the requirement for £696k in savings to be delivered by March 2018 means action needs to be taken swiftly.

Parkdale is not the only care home in the firing line, Beechgrove in Perth is also part of the consultation.  The Integration Joint Board have been asked to comment on the period of consultation with service users, carers and staff on each of these options, with a preferred option being presented in January 2018 for final approval to complete the review.

In the draft review publicised before the meeting yesterday the options were as follows –

  • Option 1 – Status Quo.
  • Option 2 – Closure of Beechgrove and Parkdale Residential Care Homes with 50 replacement beds commissioned externally.
  • Option 3 – Closure of Parkdale and retention of Beechgrove as Residential facility with 30 replacement beds commissioned externally.
  • Option 4* – Closure of Beechgrove and retention of Parkdale as Residential and Intermediate Care facility. This option would keep Parkdale open but use part of its facility free to use as an Intermediate Care unit.

At this stage only Option 2, will achieve the full savings attributed to the transformation however, consultation with stakeholders may provide alternative options for consideration.

This part of the report gives the options and the opinion that only Option 2, the closure of both homes will meet the required savings target. This savings target however beneficial for Perth and Kinross Council does not take into consideration the future costs to both the community and the Council in the future.

Another part of the report regarding the current situation regarding care homes states –

2.1 Parkdale Residential Care Home is located in Auchterarder. It has a maximum occupancy of 40 beds and provides residential care and day opportunities. Due to the decrease in long term placements, the unit has also been used to provide short-term support to individuals in their community.

2.2 Beechgrove is located in Perth City and has a maximum registered capacity of 32 beds. The building has an upper floor, which is not suitable for residents with mobility issues, and requires modification. A capital budget of approximately £250k has been identified for modifications to ensure compliance with fire regulations.

2.3 Both Beechgrove and Parkdale care homes will require further upgrading to varying degrees as they are now over 25 years old. Residents in Beechgrove have no en-suite facilities however Parkdale residents do have en-suite toilet facilities in their rooms.

Although both care homes will require further upgrading, it seems that in the long term, Parkdale is better suited for remaining open as there would be less major works required.

For the Auchterarder area to lose such a facility would mean family visiting loved ones would need to travel to Perth or further.  As the Council increases the size of the town it would seem counter intuitive to reduce facilities at the same time.  Especially considering the number of new residents moving to the area in their retirement years.

This consultation is not open to the public, only residents, carers and staff who will be rallying together to present their case.  Local Councillor Crawford Reid – – is chair of the Integration Joint Board who will receive the conclusions and recommendations of consultation.  Local Councillor Tom Gray – – is on the Housing and Communities Committee whose comments will be considered regarding this consultation.


The full report can be read here – relevant information starts on page 89.


  1. Thank you for highlighting the potential closure of Parkdale. Parkdale gets a really good review from the Care Commission, getting a score of 6 for ‘Care and Support’ and in my opinion does not require refurbishment and will not for some years to come. The Care Commission comment re the environment in Parkdale was ‘Excellent’. How the Council can even begin to consider closing such a great Care Home is beyond belief and I believe short sighted. I feel so sorry for not only the residents of Parkdale but also the wonderful and dedicated staff. As Parkdale is so important to the residents of Auchterarder (and beyond) I would have thought Public Consultation entirely appropriate.


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