Osborn-Brooks Arrest Causes Questions To Be Asked


The furore surrounding the recent arrest of Richard Osborn-Brooks shows that many people are becoming disillusioned with the legal system here in the UK.  With thousands of people showing their support on social media and raising funds for any legal costs he may incur.

The law allows homeowners to use “reasonable force”, which may include a weapon, to protect themselves from intruders. The test applied by prosecutors is that they did what they honestly thought was necessary.

When you are woken in the middle of the night by intruders in your home I don’t think that, asking yourself if your actions are necessary, is going to be at the forefront of your mind.  Especially if you are trying to protect other vulnerable family members.

For many of us there is no thought of “reasonable force” if trying to expel an intruder from our home.  More like – any force I can think of or use to keep my family safe.

Mr Osborn-Brooks lives in Southeast London, the city which has reached an all time high in murders this year so far.  Do you think there was any doubt in his mind that these people would harm him and his wife?  Possibly even murder them once they had what they came for?  For many London residents the possibility of being murdered is probably pretty high up on the list of things that can happen if you find intruders in your home.

Even if you hear someone break into your home and dial 999, it may take police quite some time to arrive at your property.  Until then, who is going to protect you and your family?  Let’s face it, if there are strangers in your property at stupid O’clock in the morning, it’s a pretty safe bet they are not there for the good of your health.  You should be able to protect your home and family without fear of arrest.

It is understandable that police need to conduct an investigation because there was a death.  However, was there a need to arrest a 78 year old man whose home had been invaded and himself and his wife threatened?  Surely with all the police presence at the property and surrounding area Mr Osborn-Brooks could have been left at home to recover from the trauma and look after his ailing wife.



Photograph courtesy of gofundme


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