Open Meeting on Future of Public Park


You may have noticed work being carried out in the Public Park in Auchterarder over the last few months.  The football pitch has had work done although, still not at its best it shouldn’t be long until it is ready.

What’s next for the Core Paths Group?  With recent upgrades on the Provost Walk and the Common Loan, what next?

The big question of course is what about the Public Park?  There have been so many suggestions over the years that a feasibility study has recently been carried out.  This should give options of what is possible and what is needed to make things happen.

The Auchterarder Community Sports Association is the umbrella group encompassing the above efforts.  With suggested proposals for the future of the Public Park, they are looking to hear from the local community regarding the proposals.

To ensure everyone has a chance to contribute and ask questions, an Open Meeting is being held in the Assembly Hall of The Community School of Auchterarder.  This meeting is to be held on Tuesday 24th October from 7pm-9pm.  A report on the feasibility study will be given by Steven Kane of P&K Green Spaces at this meeting.

Everyone is welcome and it is hoped to have as many people as possible who are interested in the future of the Public Park attending.


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