Ochil & South Perthshire MP calls British ‘Green Card’ immigration system


Luke Graham MP called for a US-style ‘Green Card’ British immigration system to be implemented after Brexit. Speaking in a debate on post-Brexit immigration, where the MP talked about his experiences living and working across three separate continents, allowing him to experience the procedures and costs of different immigration systems around the world.

With the consultation on the new UK immigration system launched just before Christmas, MPs were debating what that system should look like in the series of debates preceding next Tuesday’s vote on the Prime Minister’s deal.

Mr Graham called for the government to take this opportunity to shape a welcoming, open and innovative immigration system. the MP also encouraged the government to look at introducing new Visa schemes, such a UK-style ‘Green Card’ system, which would create a clear and controlled route for people wanting to come and work & live in the U.K.

Under a green card style system people wanting to live & work in the UK would receive a physical and digital card account that would create a form of identification that could be easily checked and allow access to work, tax and residency opportunities.

Commenting after the debate, Luke Graham said:

“Immigration is a sign of success, not failure, and I hope that the United Kingdom will continue to be as open-minded and welcoming to those who want to come here, work and contribute to our communities and our society.

As the Migration Advisory Committee report shows, immigrants make a net contribution to our economy, our society and our country.

That is why I would like to see the UK government take this opportunity to introduce an innovative and welcoming Visa system, similar to the green Card system in the USA.”


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