No Chance To Spend A Penny From End Of September


As September draws to a close, preparations are being made for the closing of the public toilets in Auchterarder.

In their most recent budget, Perth and Kinross Council decided that the public toilets in Auchterarder should be opened on a seasonal basis only.  This means that the toilets will close on 30th September and will not open again until 1st April 2019.

At present there has been no comfort scheme for Auchterarder publicised by Perth and Kinross Council so it must be assumed one has not been arranged.

It will now be local businesses who will be the mainstay of providing comfort facilities for visitors to the town.  Whether an official scheme exists or not, it stands to reason that if someone is looking to use the public toilet and it is closed, they will head for the nearest café or shop and request to use the facilities.

Maybe the Aytoun Hall facilities should be promoted throughout this time as the hall is very often open and staffed throughout the day.

With the threat of total closure of the public toilets in the initial budget proposals, the seasonal opening seemed to be a bonus.  It remains to be seen if locals and visitors alike will still see it as a bonus when the toilets are closed at the end of the month.


  1. Being a resident of Auchterarder and an occasional user of the toilets, I am shocked at the idea of closing over winter!!!! As a taxpayer and local resident I think this is awful, not every visitor wants to ask to use a cafe or shop’s facilities!!!

  2. Harder to get parked than find a place to P…. Auchterarder is a car parking nightmare. Just another “public inconvenience”….


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