Nicola Sturgeon Announces Proposals For IndyRef2


Nicola Sturgeon has this morning stated that next week she will seek the authority of the Scottish Parliament to agree with the UK Government the details of a Section 30 order – the procedure that will enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an Independence Referendum.

In her speech, this morning Scotland’s First Minister stated that the future of the United Kingdom looks very different than it did 2 years ago, and at times like these it is more important than ever to have a clear plan and be in control of events, not just at the mercy of them.

Describing efforts to find an agreement with the UK Government as being met with a brick wall of intransigence leaving Scotland facing not just Brexit but a hard Brexit the First Minister reiterated her commitment to do everything in her power to ensure that Scotland’s interests are represented in the EU Discussions.  “Doing nothing, the easiest thing means setting Scotland adrift through the next two years with our fingers crossed.”

Clarifying her proposals regarding the timing of another Independence Referendum Ms Sturgeon advised “the timetable set out by the Prime Minister over the shape of the Brexit deal will become clear in Autumn next year and therefore Autumn next year is the earliest point at which a referendum would be appropriate.”

Stating the importance of timing if Scotland wishes a different relationship with the EU to that of the UK Government the First Minister stated that the preferred time for the new Independence Referendum would be between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.

In closing reference was made to those who have said there should not be a new Independence Referendum “if I ruled out a referendum I would be deciding unilaterally that Scotland would have a hard Brexit – that should not be the decision of just one politician” A statement that will resonate with many in these times.


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