NHS Tayside Decline Invitation To Public Meeting In Auchterarder


Tonight, Auchterarder Parish Church Community Centre is the venue for a public meeting regarding concerns about the future of Accident and Emergency services at Perth Royal Infirmary.

The meeting is being hosted by Conservative MSPs and our Conservative MP to offer constituents the chance to voice their concerns.

Normally there would be no mention of party affiliation on this page, however a statement by NHS Tayside has made it obvious that they feel party affiliation to be an important factor.   The statement reads –

Statement about Auchterarder meeting called by Perth Conservative MSPs

John Brown, Chairman of NHS Tayside said, “We were invited to a public meeting in Auchterarder called by the Conservative MSPs in Perth to respond to concerns about the closure of A&E at Perth Royal Infirmary.

“The Board of NHS Tayside has said on a number of occasions that A&E in Perth Royal Infirmary will not be closing. Health Secretary Jeane Freeman also gave this public commitment last month on approving our Shaping Surgical Services proposals.

“Therefore there was no further contribution the Board could make to this meeting and we will not be sending a representative.”


It seems a bit ridiculous that a statement from NHS Tayside should refer to the political leanings of the representatives rather than that they are local representatives.

In the interests of being fair to everyone, the meeting is about the downgrading, not the closure according to the advertising material.  There are however many instances where assurances one year are no longer valid the next and people are worried about the future of their local hospital.

It will be interesting to see if, as some have suggested already, the meeting does anything more than try to score political points by badmouthing the other parties.

Wouldn’t it be great if it could be a meeting about the genuine fears that people have about the future of Perth Royal Infirmary rather than political point scoring?

Lang Toon Times will be there, here’s hoping there is something to report that means something to locals worried about their local health service.


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