NHS Tayside Announce They WILL Attend Tonight’s Meeting About PRI


In the last couple of hours NHS Tayside have updated their Facebook page with the following statement.

NHS Tayside to attend public meeting in Auchterarder

Lead clinicians from NHS Tayside will attend a public meeting this evening in Auchterarder called by Perthshire Conservative politicians. The meeting will give locals the opportunity to hear about the Board’s Shaping Surgical Services plans.

The meeting will be attended by Professor Peter Stonebridge, Medical Director for the Operational Unit with NHS Tayside who led the three-month public consultation of Shaping Surgical Services prior to the plans being approved by Cabinet Secretary Jeane Freeman last month.

Professor Stonebridge will be joined by Robert Packham, Chief Officer for the Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership who will share plans for community health services in Perth and Kinross.

Chairman of NHS Tayside John Brown, said, “I spoke to Murdo Fraser last night to discuss the purpose of the meeting, which was advertised to be about the A&E department at Perth Royal Infirmary.

“In our discussion, I confirmed the Board’s position that A&E in Perth Royal Infirmary is not under threat of closure. In July, on approving our Shaping Surgical Services plans in Tayside, the Cabinet Secretary Jeane Freeman also confirmed that A&E in Perth Royal Infirmary would be retained and continue to serve the people of Perthshire.

“Mr Fraser made it clear that people across Perthshire would benefit from hearing directly from NHS Tayside officials about our Shaping Surgical Services plans.

“Of course, we want the people of Tayside to fully understand why our services have to change and how this may affect them and so Professor Peter Stonebridge is attending to talk about our plans to transform surgery across Tayside.”

This should indeed be an interesting meeting regarding the future of our local health services.


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