Newsnight Gives Social Media Platform for Insults and Mockery


BBC Newsnight has a new place for information to be put out called Viewsnight.  Viewsnight has put out a video on social media with Richard Dawkins speaking to tell us why the British People haven’t spoken.  He tells us that as the EU Referendum was such a momentous decision then there should have been a caveat to the voting requiring a two thirds majority.

Whilst agreeing that it was a momentous decision, being called an ignorant voter who is fickle is something I find patronising and rude.  Mr Dawkins bewails the fact that David Cameron did not demand a two thirds majority, set a timetable for a second vote after a cooling off period or give Parliament time to debate in more detailed terms.  In other words have a plan set out in case he didn’t like the result of the referendum so that he could pretty much ignore the will of the people.

It really is hugely insulting to be told that this massive decision about the lives of the people of the United Kingdom cannot be put to those very people because they are ill informed voters.  To then be told that our opinion is that of an ignorant and misled public is beyond belief.

Mr Dawkins goes on to say that the result of the referendum is being touted as the sacred and unchangeable word of the British People.  If this is so, it would be the first time that a political decision has not been ignored, rescinded, changed or had a U turn performed in many years.

So many of the promises made by politicians throughout campaigns whether for local council elections, Parliamentary elections or referendums have been ignored or changed that the public no longer believe or trust their representatives.

The politicians, their advisers and hangers on can all carry on shouting from the rooftops letting the citizens know just how ignorant and ill informed they are about how the country should be run.

The citizens of this country know how the country should be run and it is not by those elected to represent them lining their pockets and ignoring the wishes of those who put them there.


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