New Rules In Force For Mobile Use When Driving


As of today new rules regarding the penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving come in to force.  If you are caught using your phone whilst driving you could receive 6 penalty points and a £200 fine.

New drivers who get 6 point will have to retake both their practical and theory test, more experienced drivers can be banned if they receive 12 points.

In 2015 22 people were killed and 99 people seriously injured in incidents where the driver was using their phone.

With a dedicated crackdown by police forces this week focusing on phone use, now is the time to put the phone away if you are in the car.

You wouldn’t let someone drive whilst under the influence of alcohol, why would you let them drive whilst they are paying attention to their phone rather than the road?

With an advertising campaign running alongside the introduction of the new rules, there will be no reason for anyone to say they didn’t realise that the penalties had increased.  Phone usage whilst driving is a killer and one that the authorities are determined to clamp down on.


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