New roadside information boards to be installed throughout Perth and Kinross


Perth & Kinross Council wish to advise bus users that new style roadside information boards will be installed throughout Perth and Kinross from this week onwards.

The new style information will display the bus stop departure times only, whilst the route and timings of the service will be displayed in a horizontal “pearl bar” above.

There are two main layouts of board being used which can be viewed on the Council’s website,

They will generally use a larger print size than is currently in use.  In addition, any codes relating to particular journeys will be stated directly to the right of the time – which should make checking codes easier.

Many bus users will already be familiar with this style of roadside information as a variation of it is used in other Council areas.

It is anticipated that all current roadside information should be updated to the new style by the end of November.  Each board will display a QR code which can be scanned by mobile devices.

Any queries about the new roadside information should be made by either telephoning the Council’s Public Transport Unit on 0345 30 100 30 or by e-mailing


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