New Forum Created For Those In Isolation and Those Willing To Help


Today at Lang Toon Times we have been working on a new page.  The Isolation Station is a forum set up in the last couple of hours for those who are in isolation or those who are willing to help those in isolation.

You can find it at

It’s not big or flashy, it’s run on free software and at the moment I don’t think there are any posts on it.  What it is however, is a place where those in isolation can come and find each other, share ideas and solutions to problems.  Basically, it is somewhere to meet others who are in the same situation.

Over the next few hours we are hoping to enlarge the page as we obtain feedback from users. 

Please feel free to share this to friends and family.  There are so many in isolation who don’t want to let others know.  This forum is a safe place, they don’t have to use their real name and the posts will be monitored daily.

The Isolation Station has been set up to give people a place to visit when they are on their own and hopefully a place where they can get to chat to others making the isolation a bit less overwhelming.


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