Mother’s Day Is Coming Up – Are You Ready?


With Mother’s Day coming up fast it’s time to make sure you have the big day planned to perfection to show Mum just how much she is appreciated.  Auchterarder has many opportunities for you to do just that.

We have a florist who is taking orders for Mother’s Day bouquets.  Love Mimi’s is the florist shop revamped with the well known Charmaine McNair back working with flowers again.

There is a traditional confectioner Simply Sweet which has modern and traditional confectionery for those with a sweet tooth.  Who doesn’t like a bit of sweet indulgence?

With Gift Box and Grace and Favour open for a variety of gifts including jewellery and toiletries you don’t have to go far to get Mum something that shows how much you love her.

The restaurants and cafes are also doing special events, so why not check with your favourite eatery and see what they are doing?

There are of course other things that can be done that don’t cost money.

How about the age old favourite of get yourself out of bed and creep into the kitchen.  Make Mum a cup of tea and take it up to her in bed.  You could then ask what she would like for breakfast and whether she would like it in bed or not and get started on a day of looking after Mum.

Whether you are making breakfast, tidying the house, putting away washing, ironing clothes, cooking meals or doing the garden, anything you do that your mother would normally do is useful.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to appreciate their Mother and help them realise that they are the solid foundation of family life.  So start planning today and don’t leave anything until the last minute, your mother will know if you bought something in a panic with no thought behind it.

For those who suffer from last minute syndrome – I give you –



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