Mother of 4 Jailed Whilst Child Abuser Walks Out of Dundee Court


Looking at the news recently you could be forgiven for thinking that the “Establishment” values money way more than it values the safety of children.

Local news outlets have reported recently on the case of Nicola Farningham of Dundee, a 39-year-old employed by HMRC who committed benefit fraud for years whilst working as a Tax Credit Adviser.  This fraud cost the taxpayer over £65,000 through the years.

According to Sherriff Carmichael there was no other option than imprisonment, stating “I’ve come to the conclusion there is no other sentence other than one of imprisonment.”

Ms Farningham was sentenced to 21 weeks’ imprisonment.

Compare this to the case of Mr John Spink, also tried in Dundee Sherriff Court.

Mr Spink was found to have over 20,000 child abuse images on his computer. Not content with looking at pictures, Mr Spink also had over 100 child abuse videos on his computer.  Some of the content was classified as being at the “most severe” level and some classified as “extreme pornography” including bestiality.

Admitting downloading indecent images of children and possessing extreme pornography at his home between April 2015 and February 2016, Mr Spink’s behaviour was attributed to an undiagnosed psychiatric condition.

This condition has resulted in Mr Spink being spared a prison sentence and Sherriff Brown instead imposing a Community Payback Order with two years’ supervision and also ordering Mr Spink to participate in a sex offenders rehabilitation programme.

Why is it that the loss of money earns a jail sentence yet the possession of a very large amount of child abuse images and videos does not?  Those images and videos have not just been sitting on the computer being ignored, they are there because Mr Spink wanted to look at them.

Now this man has been allowed to move to the other end of the country and carry on as if nothing is wrong.

A mother with 4 children is sent to jail for 21 weeks for defrauding the government.  A man who watches images and film of small children being abused is free to carry on with his life.  Does this seem like justice to you?


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