Morning Tea at Corbie and Cheip Auchterarder


It’s a very cold Saturday this week, as I pull into the centre of the town there are very few people out and about as yet.  Although, as it is only just after 9am that is to be expected.  Corbie and Cheip which is where I am heading opened at 9am and are bustling with energy when I arrive.  There is nothing quite like finding a shop you haven’t had time to visit properly and discovering an Aladdin’s cave of goodies.

There is of course my favourite, cakes galore alongside other fresh delights and a well stocked delicatessen area.  Wine of course then if you venture further into the rear of the shop there is a selection of locally produced items ranging from eggs to cheeses and vegetables.  I was lucky enough to meet two of the local suppliers whilst I was there, both who were more than happy to chat and express their delight at having such a supportive local outlet.

Corbie and Cheip are also a very dog friendly establishment with their own specially developed dog porridge and a special parking zone for your four legged friend right beside the door.

With over 65 local suppliers this is a treasure trove of seasonal produce utilising surplus from small suppliers which would not normally see their way to any market.  So when it says locally produced, it may literally be from a few yards away.

My guilty pleasure however is their presentation.  I only had time for a cup of tea this morning but I was enthralled when they brought it to me.  Silver tea pot with enough tea for three cups at least, china cup and saucer, healthy brown sugar and a delightful little milk jug.  What can I say, I am a sucker for old fashioned cups of tea.

photo of  my tea service with silver teapot and delicate china teacup and saucer
Tea for one

Anne and Max have taken “shop local” to a whole new level, one which I hope continues to grow and grow.


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