More Stringent Social Distancing Measures Expected


Guidelines have been issued to say that all those who can work from home should do so.  Guidelines have been issued about social distancing and non essential travel.

The majority of us have been shocked and stunned by the obvious disregard shown by so many over the weekend to these vital guidelines.

As we watch our social media feeds fill will local businesses taking the very hard decision to close for the duration and vulnerable friends and neighbours isolating, support for those not following guidelines is rapidly diminishing.

At this time when our NHS needs us to do everything in our power to stop their resources being overwhelmed there are some who are just not listening.   Only today I received two calls from UK companies trying to sell insurance and branded items.  Both calls were obviously from call centres as I could hear their workmates in the background. 

Why on earth have these companies not implemented home working at the very least or shut down?  Why are people still working in call centres for non essential businesses?  Especially when they are cold calling.

The only call centres that should be manned at the minute are those that are necessary for the NHS and essential supplies.

We have all seen the pictures of the tube trains in London this morning.  I am pretty sure they were not all “essential workers”. 

Companies must be told to close, they must be given the instruction because they obviously are not going to do it voluntarily.  People must be told to stay at home, they must also be given the instruction because as we have seen, people are not taking requests seriously.

For some, any further measures to restrict movement will be seen as onerous and difficult.  For the majority they will be seen as a necessary step to protect the population. 

The Prime Minister is due to give a public statement at approx. 8.30 tonight.  It is expected that this statement will contain further measures to lockdown the UK in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.


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