Moped Crimes


In the early hours of Sunday morning a young man was stabbed to death in Greenwich, South London.  The attackers arrived on the scene on a moped.  Danny Pearce, 31 was approached by the attackers, one with a gun the other with a knife.  When he didn’t hand over his belongings one of the attackers got off the moped and stabbed him in the throat.  He died at the scene.

In the first 4 months of this year there have been more than 5,500 moped enabled crimes according to the Metropolitan Police.  Officers have said that changes in pursuit policy, allowing them only to chase suspects in certain circumstances, are behind the rise.

Why have the Police had their powers of pursuit reduced so much that they cannot protect innocent civilians?  It is now widely known that Police cannot pursue suspects who are on mopeds or motorbikes and criminals are taking advantage of this policy.

How many victims will there have to be until the rule of law prevails and Police are given back their powers to protect innocent civilians?



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