Message From Luke Graham new MP for Ochil and South Perthshire


Luke Graham of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party has been elected as MP for Ochil and South Perthshire. Following a 70.6% turnout, Luke secured 22,469 votes creating a majority of 3,359 over the incumbent SNP MP.

‘I am honoured and humbled to be representing all of the constituents of Ochil and South Perthshire. I’ve been campaigning here for several years and now to have this opportunity to act and make a difference, is thoroughly heartening.

 ‘During the campaign I said that should I be elected, I would be getting down to business from day one – and that is precisely what I’m doing.

 ‘I’d like to thank everyone who has worked alongside me on the campaign in recent weeks to make this possible. We now have party representation at every level of government in the constituency which means we’ll be able to effect real change.’

 Since the election was called in April, Luke has run an intense campaign across the constituency. A fierce pro-Union campaigner, the fight against a second independence referendum formed one of Luke’s fundamental campaign policies.

‘The SNP’s focus on a divisive second independence referendum has meant that everyday matters have been neglected – this week the voters put their foot down and sent a clear message that enough is enough.

 ‘Contrary to the SNP, I believe working together can achieve great things and the constituents can rest assured that I will be focusing on matters that make a difference to people’s everyday lives.’      

 Whilst this national topic has dominated recent elections, Luke has been following progress of local constituency issues. Now elected he will look to tackle these local concerns such as town regeneration, broadband infrastructure and the transport network.

‘Over the last few years I’ve gained a good understanding of what Ochil and South Perthshire constituents want to see happen locally. I’ll be working very hard to ensure we make progress, I encourage residents to get in touch with me and I look forward to working with as many people and community groups as possible.’


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