Manchester, Police Confirm Child Victims


The latest bulletin from Greater Manchester Police confirms that the explosion in Manchester has killed 22 and injured 59 and that some of those killed were children. Thoughts and sympathies go out to those suffering a loss at this time.

A telephone number has been put in place for people to call to check on loved ones if they have yet to hear from them.  The numbers are 0161 856 9400 and 0161 856 9900.

This statement confirms that the police are treating the attack as a terrorist incident and now also confirms they believe the attack was carried out by one man.  Investigations are continuing to try and ascertain whether he worked alone or was part of a network.  They ask that people refrain from speculation as to the identity of the person at this time.

Police have also asked for anyone with footage of the incident to upload photos and/or video to for their information.

Most recent Police statement can be seen here on video from Sky News.


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