Making Facemasks For Local Healthcare Staff


As you may have seen on our social media sites today, whilst on furlough I have started to make face masks. 

I am under no illusion that these are in any way as effective as the FFP3 masks being used in hospitals, however they are better than nothing. 

With the number of cases of Covid-19 steadily rising in the Tayside area, it is only a matter of time before the already pressurised supply chain struggles once more. 

Here in Auchterarder alone there are 3 care homes, St Margaret’s Health Centre and Hospital, Castlebrae and any number of carers in the community.  I would hate to think that any of the staff in these critical areas were struggling for PPE. 

My sewing skills do not reach to being able to make scrubs as some are doing, I can however make double layer cotton masks with a gap for a filter. 

I have not offered these to any of the local organisations as yet, I am thinking they have enough to do at this time.  Instead I am hoping that anyone local who works in these places could let me know if they would like some of these masks.  So far, I haven’t seen anything from NHS Tayside saying that they need anything like this so it may be that they are not needed.  However, as I am only just teaching myself how to make these, I thought it better to start now than wait until they were needed. 

Enough rambling, I am off to do some more sewing.


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