Maggie Offers Country Living Childminding


Welcome to Maggie’s Childminding at Old Mill Farm Playroom.  Maggie is a childminder who has recently moved to Old Mill Farm beside Shinafoot on the Dunning Road.

Over the last few months as she has been waiting for her paperwork to change from one Council to another, Maggie has been making preparations to welcome children into her purpose built Playbarn. 

With various areas for different types of play, comfy sofas, kitchen cloakroom and toilet, this self-contained building is ideal for welcoming children.  Outside there is a completely enclosed play area with various play equipment including trampoline and swingset.

Maggie’s enthusiasm shines through as she talks of the new venture.  Having worked in care for more than 20 years, ending as a Care Manager, Maggie was looking for something different when her daughter started school.  What better way to enable her to work around school hours than to become a childminder?

Over 5 years later with a move to Old Mill Farm with its associated land and outbuildings, Maggie is ready to realise her dreams.  “This place is unique and is fantastic for outdoor heuristic play.” Said Maggie when I visited recently.  With plans to offer much more outside play and learning as time goes on, Maggie could well be starting a new country living style of childminding.

What child wouldn’t want to be somewhere that they can run about in the fields, paddle in the burn and see the horses pass the window?

Maggie knows only too well how much children enjoy this kind of play and says she always makes sure that each child in her care has a change of clothes and a pair of wellingtons that stay with her.  That way if there is a change of weather everyone can still enjoy being out and about without worrying about damp clothes.

A woodland walk is next on the list along with a polytunnel and a chicken coop for rescue chickens.  Maggie has plans within plans and all of them will involve the children in some small way. 

With the well publicised shortage of childcare in the area, it’s great to be able to welcome another local childminder. If you would like to get in touch with Maggie, why not drop by the Facebook page?


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