Macaroon Bars


Macaroon Bars


Did you know that the original recipe for Macaroon Bars is made with potatoes?  Nor did I but having tested this one out I can confirm it works beautifully.  Especially useful for using up extra icing sugar or chocolate for coating.


1 potato, preferably a floury variety.

Box of Icing Sugar

Large bar of Chocolate to be melted for coating

Toasted Coconut


Peel and boil the potato and then mash into a smooth and creamy texture.   Put the potato in a bowl and add a little icing sugar at a time.  At first this will turn into a paste type liquid, just keep adding icing sugar and mixing well until it forms a firm dough.

Take a small piece of the dough and taste, it should not taste of potato, if it does add a dessertspoon of water and some more icing sugar and mix well.

Press into a baking tray and cut into bars.  Place in the fridge until well set.  Once set, take out and cover in melted chocolate and toasted coconut.


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