Luke Graham Holds Question and Answer Session In Auchterarder


Conservative candidate for Ochil and South Perthshire Luke Graham held a Question and answer session last night in the Girnal Hall in Auchterarder.  Accompanied by MSP Liz Smith, Luke was happy to answer questions from the audience so he could let them know how he intended to go forward if he is successfully elected to represent the area.

With a politically diverse audience there were some questions that were probably less easy to answer than others.  With Liz Smith there for devolved matters the answers were concise, informative and surprisingly honest.  No soundbites or double speak, just answering questions that concerned local residents.

With questions on Stamp Duty, Power, IndyRef2, Class sizes and educational spending, Motobility vehicles, HS2, or lack of it and tuition fees there was much for the audience to think on.

When asked at the end of the session what he expected to be able to do for Auchterarder Luke advised he was looking to have the Development plan progressed, working with community groups to try and solve the car parking problem as part of that.  Transport, the community bus service and reliable broadband should be priorities alongside bringing investment into the area.

With hustings proposed in the near future it looks like being a busy time for local candidates.


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