Looking To Get Healthier in 2017?


It’s Boxing Day and already I am feeling guilty about what I have eaten and how much work I shall have to do to yet again try and get healthier in the New Year.

As many of you know my health kicks are pretty much non existent but this year has to be different.  I am feeling a bit mortal this year so something needs to be done.

I looked around the web and found numerous groups and associations but nothing really caught my eye.  Although I did notice the number of people out running in groups over the last few months seemed to have increased. – Do I look like I run?  That is a non starter as far as I am concerned.

That is of course before I started chatting to Fiona online about the group 5 Star Active.  Those runners you see going about in groups wearing silly Santa hats?  That’s all Fiona’s fault, she organised a Santa 10k Dash.  Well in fact she has organised a whole lot more than that.  Lots of running classes from Couch-5k up to half marathon training.

I wonder if she has classes for those who are not at the running stage yet and would need to start with walking – I could do that. Anyone else up for a class that is not so much beginners, more like newborns?

It is very refreshing to speak to someone who is so enthusiastic about their running and is looking to introduce others from the beginners stage.  From nothing to over 100 members within a single year is impressive stuff.

The enthusiasm of the members may have something to do with the way the whole community is involved with visits to coffee shops, people helping as marshals on 5k events etc. Very much a social group who run rather than a running group who get together on special occasions.  This, I think is the kind of group that makes running fun rather than a chore.

For further information please checkout the facebook page www.facebook.com/fivestaractive


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